Vocational training

Vocational training at Rotho

At our site in Würenlingen, we train apprentices in the following jobs. If you would like to know more, read through the following pages. We look forward to receiving your application!

What impact will you make? Get started.

There is no standing still. At Rotho, you're encouraged to challenge yourself and empowered to mentor others. To forge new paths. To make an impact that matters - for our clients, for our colleagues and within our communities. We'll help you be your best self at work and at home.

Kaufmann/-frau EFZ, Profil E/M
Logistiker/-in EFZ
Kunststofftechnologe/Kunststofftechnologin EFZ
Polymechaniker/-in EFZ


We will train you! At our Würenlingen site, we offer apprenticeship opportunities in five different careers.

We have the following apprenticeships available for the start of training im August 2018: 
Management asst. (EFZ, E/M profiles) 
Logistican (EFZ) 
Plastic technologist (EFZ) 
Polymechanic (EFZ) 
You can find details about the duration and content of the individual apprenticeship opportunities here
What we can offer you:
Good chance of employment after your training period: we aim to offer employment to all apprentices who performed well in their training period.
Targeted examination preparation from either the head of vocational training or individual trainer
An interesting and varied role.

Training with us?

How do I become a Rotho trainee?
Important information about applying for an apprenticeship at Rotho follows below.

1. Allow enough time to make your career choice
When choosing your career, the following points are especially important:
What are my strengths and aptitudes?
What requirements and expectations do I have of my career

Read the descriptions and profiles of requirements to see whether a job appeals to you and seems a good fit. Descriptions of our apprentice opportunities can be found here.
2. Send us your aptitude tests and application documents
If you are interested in one of Rotho’s apprenticeship opportunities, apply for an aptitude test (Multicheck or basic-check). This is a job-related aptitude test for all apprenticeship applicants. Send us the test results, along with your application documents. To ensure that everything runs as expected, please note the application tips
3. Reach the screening stage and do a taster session
Due to reasons of capacity, we can only offer a small number of taster sessions. Therefore, after going through the submitted applications, we then invite suitable applicants to an interview. If, after this interview, both you and Rotho still feel that this apprenticeship could be right for you, we will invite you to complete a taster session with us.
4. Making a decision
If, after this taster session, both you and the trainer are still convinced that the chosen apprenticeship is right for you, you will be offered an apprenticeship contract.

Application tips

First impressions are important – this also applies to your application
Write to us, telling us why you are interested in an apprenticeship at Rotho. Please do not send a standard letter.
Ensure that your CV is up to date (don’t forget your most recent reference) and ensure that it doesn’t contain spelling mistakes.
If you wish to submit your application online, we prefer that you upload your application documents in PDF format.
Dress code
A clean, smart outfit always makes a good impression.
Research Rotho in advance, including informing yourself about the apprenticeship opportunity that you are interested in.
Allow enough time for the journey. Always be punctual and switch off your mobile phone.
Bring a notepad and pen along with you to the interview.
If there are specialist terms or words that you don’t understand, don’t be ashamed to ask for an explanation.
As a general rule: be your natural self in the interview. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.

Get in Contact

Online bewerben

Senden Sie uns Ihre vollständigen Unterlagen als Online-Bewerbung oder per Post an die folgende Adresse:
Rotho Kunststoff AG, Industriestrasse Althau 11, 5303 Würenlingen
Unsere Leiterin Berufsbildung, Frau Candan Bürgy, steht dir bei Fragen sowie für weitere Auskünfte gerne zur Verfügung.
Tel.: +41 56 297 13 52

Need assistance or help with your application?

Our HR department is happy to answer any queries or provide further information.
Phone: +41 56 297 13 52
E-Mail: bewerbung@rotho.ch