Clean plastic

For you. And the environment.

As a consumer, you have an enormous choice of everyday objects for use in your daily life, but only want the very best for yourself and your family. When choosing, not only practicability and aesthetics are decisive, but also whether goods are free of pollutants and are environmentally friendly.

No toxins

You already know that we develop smart, flexible concepts for the home. At the same time, it is also important to us that we protect and preserve the biosphere and raw materials in a way that is as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we consistently ensure that our products and packaging are free of harmful additives such as PVC and BPA. This ensures that use and disposal are both harmless.

Less waste

Thanks to their reusability and long life, our products save on packing material. Our practical boxes for when you’re on the move enable you to take your lunch to the office, conveniently and in a way that is environmentally friendly, instead of having to fetch snacks in plastic bags or one-time use containers from the supermarket at every break time. This gives the environment, and your purse or wallet, a little breather. Our special airtight or air-circulating containers keep perishable foodstuffs fresh for longer, allowing you to really make the most of leftovers. You no longer have to throw away so much food, thus saving valuable resources and energy. And what’s more, all of our products are 100% recycleable and do not release any kind of noxious fumes or residues when burned. So, if against all expectations, you really do need to dispose of something, you can do so with a clear conscience.

Local production facilities

When transporting goods from far overseas, an enormous amount of fuel is used, and a huge amount of pollutants emitted. For us it is important that our production location in Switzerland is situated at the heart of Europe, within easy reach of our main western-European markets.  In addition our production facility in Poland, which came on stream in 2016, enables ideal coverage of the eastern-European market.  The shorter transportation routes minimise energy use and emissions.

Clean energy bills

It is important to us that our (and your) green conscience isn’t jeopardised when using Rotho products. By using renewable energies, we are continually reducing our factories’ CO? emissions. Our own photovoltaic system currently generates around 540,000 kWh of power annually. This output is being continually increased. Furthermore, our state of the art heat recovery system enables us to use waste heat from the production process to heat our offices and factories.

Our eco pledge

Our sites and environmental management system are certified to ISO-14001. This means that we act according to determined ecological goals that are regularly checked by independent auditors. By doing so, we voluntarily commit ourselves to sustainable production and constant improvement.

Energy generation


In Switzerland and in the high altitudes of the southern Black Forest, we operate over 4100 solar panels for generating electricity. We currently generate over 700 megawatt hours of power a year. This is equivalent to enough power for around 170 households of four people, saving around 375 tonnes of carbon dioxide (Co2) a year.

We aim to continuously develop the entire plant so that we can soon cover a significant part of our power requirement using renewable energy

Certificates & awards

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Reddot Design Award Winner 2019
German Design Award
Interior Innovation Award