Rotho Group

The Rotho Group develops, produces and distributes various types of plastic products: consumer goods, baby products, petcare and professional waste disposal products (hospitality sector).

The group of companies is also active in power generation and the property business.


Rotho Kunststoff AG, along with its sister companies Rotho Kunststoff GmbH and Rotho Sp. z o.o., is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic consumer goods. Rotho Kunststoff AG develops practical, ingenious products for storage, cooking and transport; whether for the home, kitchen, hobby or office. Rotho’s products are distributed throughout Europe, featuring in the product ranges of leading food retailers and DIY superstores.

Rotho Advanced Solutions AG

Rotho Advanced Solutions AG (RAS) develops and produces custom, tailor-made consumer goods for retail clients throughout Europe. When designing their private labels and campaigns, numerous large retail chains put their trust in the dependable quality of the product solutions offered by RAS.

Rotho Babydesign GmbH

Rotho Babydesign GmbH produces high quality, dependable and safe products for babies and infants. From bottles to nappy buckets to bathtubs, Rotho Babydesign offers everything that parents’ and children’s hearts desire.

Rothopro GmbH

Rothopro GmbH develops and produces innovative products for the hospitality sector. The company’s core competency is the provision of efficient, practical solutions for separating and disposing of waste in catering and similar businesses.