The ‘Swiss Design’ label is both our guarantee and our incentive!

High quality

This means that our products are developed in Switzerland and manufactured from premium-quality raw materials. It's less important whether they are produced in Switzerland, in Poland or in Italy. The main thing is that their application is simple and safe, and they can therefore also be used without difficulty in households with small children. With our well thought-out concepts we aim to make your everyday lives as pleasant as possible.

This is why most of our products carry a unique, twenty-year service life guarantee.


Durable and long-lasting

We are convinced: our products (literally) hold the promises that they keep! This is why most of our products carry a unique, twenty-year service life guarantee. If, unexpectedly, the handle tears off, or the seal develops a leak, we will naturally replace the product. And what’s more, this durability also vouches for the sustainability of our production. You can learn more about our green involvement on our environment page.

You can learn more about our green involvement on our environment page.



How to claim against the warranty

If, as a consumer, you acquired a Rotho product with a 20 year guarantee of durability and have cause to make a claim under this guarantee, the manufacturer’s guarantee of durability is invoked if the consumer immediately notifies us of any defects that become apparent.

To do so, please send:

  • a description of the problem (with photo, if possible)
  • a copy of the receipt
  • Your contact details

to garantie@rotho.ch or by post to

Rotho Kunststoff AG
Industriestrasse Althau 11
CH-5303 Würenlingen, Switzerland



Packages sent to us with insufficient postage paid cannot be accepted. Costs (post, packaging) arising from returns that were NOT previously authorised cannot be reimbursed. Rotho cannot be held responsible for storing or returning packages that are unsolicited, misrouted or with missing/insufficient address details.

Our staff will investigate, and where claims are valid, issue a replacement product.

Please note the detailed warranty conditions that are set out in the section below.



Our products labelled ‘20 year guarantee’ were manufactured with great care and precision. We will replace products or components exhibiting material defects, manufacturing defects or functional defects within the guarantee period of 20 years from date of purchase. In the event that a product is no longer part of our range, Rotho will supply a similar product or product of the same value.

1. The warranty period applies exclusively to products purchased by/delivered to consumers, and lasts 20 years. The warranty period begins at the time of purchase of the product by the consumer. As manufacturer, Rotho provides a warranty to the consumer that, for the period of the warranty, subject to the following conditions, the products that they manufacture are free of design, manufacturing, processing and material defects.

Important: this manufacturer’s/durability guarantee applies expressly alongside and dependent upon the seller’s legal and/or contractual guarantee. It is therefore null and void if the purchaser makes a claim for the same fault against the seller’s legal or contractual guarantee. The purchaser’s warranty rights against the seller are thus unaffected by this warranty. The sum for which the product was purchased can only be refunded by the seller.

2. The durability guarantee only applies to products that have been used by the purchaser as intended, operated correctly and cared for appropriately.

The following are excluded from the warranty: damage resulting from excessive, inappropriate or unintended use, especially as a result of not adhering to Rotho’s specifications as set out on the product label.

The warranty undertaking is subject to Swiss material law to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna Convention).