CARUBA bowls - now with lid

Lid for protecting the food, stable yet light, easy to clean and use

The premium measuring jugs

Super-transparent, ergonomic, non-drip spout

A wide assortment of super-transparent measuring cups

Ergonomic, non-drip spout, space-saving

The simple measuring jug for easy measuring

Good price-performance ratio


Jar and mixing beaker in one

Filter system in the lid, perfect for mixing without the lid

Shaker with integrated dressing container

Mixing wheel, ideal for transporting Salads with separate dressing


The sieves for all occasions

With or without handle

The space saving bowl-colander set

Stable yet light, easy to use and clean

Finally a quality salad spinner

Ergonomic, anti-slip feet, smooth-running winder

Just easy slicing

Fine and equal slicing, very sharp edges

The popular shaker

High-quality, mixing wheel, scale

The popular shaker

High-quality, mixing wheel, scale

Design and technique in one

Anti-slip feet, extremely robust yet light, large board with juice groove

The perfect bowls for baking

Sturdy and perfectly shaped, ergonomic, anti-slip rubber, spout

The professional lemon squeezer for small and big fruits

Scale, space-saving, top snaps onto lower part and fits on measuring cup LOFT 0,6 l

The handy lemon squeezer

Scale, space-saving, top fits on measuring cup ONDA 1 l

The adjustable papertowel holder for your kitchen

Adjustable handles, integrated adhesive

Clevery designed funnels

Two sizes, space-saving, flattened side